Masks of Nyarlathotep 09: London

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  • Song Name: Masks of Nyarlathotep 09: London
  • Artist: Will, Adam, Sam, Scott, Stephen & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu On Parade!
  • Year: 2012

There must be a whole bunch of forbidden tomes in here because this thing's got a lot of dust on it! Yeah I'm opening up right away by saying it's been a while since I edited any more of this series. This and the next episode are kind of part of why that is. Alright, so it's great for the most part, but this is the first time I had to really deal with such a large-ish group, and you can kind of see how that went! Still, for the most part I think it's pretty enjoyable, so I'm happy putting these episodes up here. Just, y'know. Prior warning.

Alright, so strange circumstances draw our heroes towards a new band of misfits: a mysterious archaeologist with an inquisitive mind, and a former prison guard with a horrible past. Finding themselves thrust into the course of a plot to shadow a mysterious cult, how shall they fare?

And will an old ally bring aid to their cause? Or misfortune? Lastly, will everyone get equal time paid to their characters and -not- get their players slightly annoyed? (sorry guys!) FIND OUT in this, the next thrilling installment of: MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP!

P.S. This episode makes more sense if you imagine that Dexter Warden is in fact his own ancestor, brought into modern times and only -pretending- to be a former prison guard, and that the full moon has caused an extreme bout of mental instability in all concerned. Also, sorry to Sam and some others for not focusing on them enough in trying to juggle all these players. Live and learn!


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Adam as Ulysses Harrison, drunken big game hunter and diamond mine proprietor.
Sam as Ruby Wynhoff, fiesty daughter of a rich diplomat with a string of ex-fiancees.
Scott W as Captain Joe Sharkbait, spirited man of adventure and unquestioned master of the high seas.
Stephen as Liam McBrinton, enthusiastic archaeologist with a tad too much experience of the unknown.
Will M as Dexter Warden, former prison guard, currently dealing with personal demons.

… And special guest (again), my sister!

Theme Music is Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod (