Cthulhu on Parade! AP Episode 21: Hospital Blues - Who Rescues The Rescuers?

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  • Song Name: Cthulhu on Parade! AP Episode 21: Hospital Blues - Who Rescues The Rescuers
  • Artist: Will, Stephen & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu On Parade!

Back in business, baby! After an incredibly brief hiatus in the grand scheme of all consecutive time, Cthulhu on Parade! returns to your ears once more triumphant in the face of overwhelming adversity. And not only that, but with an original, homegrown, only slightly ripped off from a movie I saw scenario!

Yeah, yeah, we're all eager to find out what happened to those crazy guys in Arkham or whatever junk was happening in that other scenario, and some people are still hanging on for some kind of closure to the Masks campaign, well guess what, this game includes one of the characters from Masks -and- takes place at the same time as the other scenario! So I really don't see what you're complaining about.

Guest edited by series regular Stephen, our story today takes you on a journey into beguiling and bizarre circumstances regarding a seemingly ordinary hospital, wherein a devoted wife's poor, sick husband is being treated behind exceptionally well-closed doors. Can our enterprising young heroes find their way inside this strange mystery, and to the truth? Find out, in this week's thrilling episode!


Will B as Keeper of Arcane Lore
Stephen as Liam McBrinton, a man with a promising future career in archaeology, seemingly willing to throw it all away for a chance at adventure.
Will M as Cobweb, paranoid crook, always looking over a shoulder that's weighted with more than a chip or two.