Cthulhu Off Duty - AP Episode 07: The Monkey's Paw

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  • Song Name: Cthulhu Off Duty - AP Episode 07: The Monkey's Paw
  • Artist: Will, Adam, Sam & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu on Parade!
  • Year: 2011

Cthulhu Parades No More! For a while. We couldn't get everybody together to finish a scenario, so for a while we did some bonus episodes, which I'll be uploading until we get the next episode of Cthulhu on Parade! finished. This one's an improvised game of Call of Cthulhu based around the short story "The Monkey's Paw", but... Well, you'll see how faithful we were to the original.

Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and there's also a trailer for fantastic internet radio play series "Simon Colt" by the KWUR Theater of the Air, available here: http://kwurradiotheater.wordpress.com

Tune in next week for more!


Adam as Jacob Taylor
Sam as Foster Taylor/Keeper
Will B as Philip Taylor/Keeper
Will M as Colonel Taylor/Keeper

Theme music is Backed Vibes by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=backed+vibes&Search=Search)