Cthulhu Off Duty - Cray Canyon Cold Snap 01

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  • Song Name: Cthulhu Off Duty - Cray Canyon Cold Snap
  • Artist: Will, Adam, Stephen & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu on Parade!
  • Year: 2012

In the Wild West, one law prevails above all others: Survival. Meet our band of brothers, boarding a train to who-knows-where one crisp, cold night on the plains. See their struggle, as passengers in peril get picked off by unknown parties. Fight their fight alongside them, taking the battle to the roof... And beyond. One man will not be swayed, and shall instead spend most of the trip trying to have sex with various men and women, alternately, and being pretty ineffective all around and wind up half-dead by the end of the episode.

But who? Find out, by listening to the exciting tale of... The Cray Canyon Cold Snap! PS: Rate and subscribe to both our podcast and Mars Needs Podcasts, you chumps. You chumps! Or I shall destroy you! You are on thin ice!


Will M as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Adam as "Wild" Bill Snowsford, a man with an eye for trouble and two guns for shootin'.
Stephen as Winston Snowsford, dangerous sharp-shooter and brother of Bill.
Will B as Ephraim Van Borden, lecherous profiteer with a dark past.

Theme song performed by William Binns, an entirely original composition from which no law suits can be made.