Cthulhu Off Duty - Cray Canyon Cold Snap 03

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  • Song Name: Cthulhu Off Duty - Cray Canyon Cold Snap 03
  • Artist: Will, Adam, Sam & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu On Parade!
  • Year: 2012

The thrilling conclusion! A bleak frost creeps into the hearts of our heroes, compelling them to perform strange deeds, such as letting new character Ichabod into the party and then putting up with his dumb quotations and singing forever plus at one point forgetting his name. The Snowsford brothers find themselves wrenched into the dominant mindset of another once more, questioning their abilities and unable to recall their past, and Mary is just so incredibly tired, you guys. Maybe not at first but she is just falling asleep.

Will the secret identity of the so-called "possessed" be revealed? What foul spirits have caused such calamity, chaos, and cold, here in Cray Canyon? Will Ichabod settle down on an accent that isn't kinda racist? How far can ten minutes be stretched before the very limits of TIME ITSELF are breached? How much backseat Keeping can Will B do? (spoiler: it's a lot) Find out the answer to all these burning questions, plus also there's some burning, in: EPISODE 3.


Will M as Keeper of Arcane Lore.
Sam as Mary Henderson, a woman with a heart of stone, but a will of steel.
Adam on double duty as Bill Snowsford, a man with an eye for trouble and two guns for shootin’ and brother of Winston, and selfsame Winston Snowsford, dangerous sharp-shooter.
Will B as Ephraim Van Borden, lecherous profiteer with a dark past, and Ichabod Crow, gunslinger of indeterminate origin.