Cthulhu Off Duty - Brookmarket Zoo (Fiasco)

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  • Song Name: Cthulhu Off Duty - Brookmarket Zoo (Fiasco)
  • Artist: Adam, Jon, Stephen, Will & Will
  • Album: Cthulhu on Parade!
  • Year: 2013

What madness hath man wrought? We wrought a zoo.

Brookmarket Zoo has been dealing with some financial troubles lately, and our intrepid heroes have a few plans to save it! Or destroy it. At least there shall be change. The definition of marriage is challenged, an R. Kelly track is first correctly, then incorrectly identified, and a Comedy Bang Bang bit is ripped off wholesale yet again by master joke-thief Will B. But will any of this help the zoo?

About an hour goes by with GUEST STAR JON KELLY (of the fantastic Zer0cast podcast) not being able to get much of a word in edgewise or participate much in the scenes, then Adam has to do some housecleaning. It's three hours long! We all get very tired. Buckle up, kids. It's FIASCO time again.


Will M - Thomas, a man spurned by the International Zoological Society... Spurned into mad science!
Will B - Chad, co-engineer of a master scheme to breed a new type of animal and wolf exhibit guy.
Adam - Eddie, involved with the wolf exhibit in some way, and also has some shady connections?
Jon - Isaac, who I guess has some kind of semi-managerial role in one of the zoo's exhibits whose only crime was loving the zoo too much.
Stephen - Frank, a desperate man who may or may not be a gorilla/human hybrid, and may or may not know sign language.

Go ahead, try learning all their last names from this recording. It can't be done. Spoiler-alert for the movie Vacancy!

Theme music is Tikopia by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=tikopia)